I've lived in California for 3 years now and since my arrival have wanted to photograph two places, The Grand Canyon and Redwood National park. On this day I pulled an all-nighter and left from my Los Angeles apartment to drive 6 1/2 hours through alternating rain, hail and snow to Fredonia Arizona with the hope of catching the sun rise. Unfortunately for me I met the North Rim for the fist time with 25 degree temperatures and an impending  6 inches of April snow. 

My exit was halted with a brief visit to the reservations with a final destination of Phoenix and some of the fullest clouds I've ever seen in my life. Overall the trip was great and I'm happy with my shots regardless of the weather.  Next time I'd like to go when its warmer so I can hike and capture the nature of it from below. Hope you Enjoy :)

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